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Dear Yuletide Author,

firstly, thank you for volunteering to write a story in one of our shared fandoms! Below are some details that will hopefully help you along. Don't feel too constricted by them, though - they're more like suggestions anyway.

Some general likes and dislikes to start with. I like humour and angst, fluff and darkfic; I like gen, het, slash and femslash just about equally, and all ratings are fine with me. If you want to write kink, go for it - my only major squicks are watersports/scat and bestiality. Deathfic doesn't bother me, and Crueltide-type stories are OK across the board. (As is Interactive Fiction, Yuleporn and other challenges - I'm generally too lazy to actually sign up for them, so here's my blanket "Yes please" to all you might be interested in.) Now onto the prompts!

Request 1: 狄仁杰之神都龙王 | Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)
Dee Renjie, Yuchi Zhenjin

There's nothing I don't love about this movie, but Dee, Yuchi and their rivalry turned friendship - that's my very favourite part. Anything that showcases this aspect of the movie would make me happy. Maybe a casefic, or a vignette set early on, when they are still figuring each other out? Or, idk, they have a chat about their pasts, or attend an awkward party, or have to scramble to avoid the Empress' displeasure. If you want to make it romantic, I'm so there for it, but friendship fic would be great, too.

I love how Dee is cocky but also wise and kind at the same time, I love how crazy-intense Yuchi is about pretty much everything, and I love how they start out as antagonists but learn to trust one another over time. I also love how unabashedly cracky the movie gets at times, I love the not-magic-but-yeah-totally-magic plot elements - basically, like I said, I love everything. :)

Request 2: Kathy Rain (Video Game)
Kathy Rain, Eileen Summers

I found the relationship between Kathy and Eileen delightful, and want more of it! How did they meet? When did they first realise they were getting close? Will they open a detective agency together? Show me their next confrontation with eldritch forces, or Kathy visiting Eileen's family, or both at the same time. Smut/PWP would also be much appreciated.

Anything would work, from cute/slice of life, to something more in line with the darkest parts of the game, but I'd prefer a happy ending for both girls. I ship it, so would love their relationship to be romantic, but strong friendship is also good.

Request 3: Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Monika Schäfer

I find Monika very interesting - she is only present for a very short time, but she leaves behind a strong legacy, and her absence is really felt. I'd like to see more of her, before the events of the game, and before the PC joined the team. One of the team's runs would make for a great story, but so would anything about Monika's life in the quieter moments - her work to keep the Kreuzbasar and its people safe, or her relationships with the various team members. If you'd like to make this into more of an ensemble story, that's great as well, so long as Monika is involved.

In addition to the above, I'm also in love with the setting of the game, so scenery and worldbuilding is always appreciated. For shipping purposes, I lean towards Eiger/Monika, but pretty much any other pairing would also work for me. Or no pairings at all, as you prefer. I'm OK with a tragic ending, considering Monika's fate in canon, but I'm also OK with a light-hearted tone - whatever works best for you.

Request 4: 14th Century CE RPF
Vytautas of Lithuania, Henry IV of England

So, Vytautas and Henry did actually meet in real life during Henry's visit to Prussia in 1390. I find it pretty interesting, because one could find several parallels between their lives - both were first cousins and childhood friends to their respective monarchs, both were eventually driven to rebellion (in fact, Vytautas was already on his second attempt in 1390), and both wound up ruling their countries in the end. Yet there were also plenty of differences, and that fascinates me. How well would they have understood one another, if at all? What would they agree or disagree on? Henry thought his sojourn to Prussia was a crusade - I can't imagine Vytautas not taking a cynical view of that, especially since Lithuania had already accepted Christianity in 1386. I love clashing/multiple viewpoints, conflicting values and cultures, grey areas and moral dilemmas. Basically anything about this meeting would delight me!

 There really isn't much I can add to this. Just know that I'll be happy with absolutely anything you come up with!


Request 5: Zorro (TV 1990)
Diego de la Vega (Zorro (TV 1990)), Ignacio de Soto (Zorro (TV 1990))

I would really like a story in which Diego/Zorro and the alcalde have to work together for some reason. Maybe there's a new - or old - enemy in town, and Zorro needs a little help from the soldiers. Maybe Diego-as-Diego has to solve a criminal case, without letting de Soto know who he really is. Maybe Mendoza is kidnapped (...for some reason...) and they are both looking for him. Maybe they get lost in the wilderness somehow, and have to make their way back to Los Angeles together. Whatever the reason, I really like it when enemies have to work together, whether they remain enemies or reach some sort of understanding afterwards.

I love the light, comic atmosphere of the show and I'd enjoy a story with the same positive feel to it. That said, I also wouldn't mind angst, or even tragedy, if that's where the story takes you. Also, I'd never say no to some background Diego/Victoria, especially with Diego as himself, and not as Zorro. 

Request 6: Slavonica (Webcomic)
Mojmira (Slavonica)

Mojmira's whole deal, so to speak, is that she becomes the very first witch after tricking Weles into sharing his magic with her. I want to know what happens next! What was her life like before and after? How did she adapt to her new circumstances? Did Weles ever try to get back at her? Or, if you prefer, I would love a "five things Mojmira learnt as the first witch, and one thing she taught someone" kind of fic!

You can check out the entire anthology at the link above, or go here for just Mojmira's story. Anyway, I've got a huge soft spot for "folksy witch"-type characters, and Mojmira's epic trollface in the last panel of her story is just amazing. :)

Alright, I guess that's all. Thank you again, Yuletide Author, and happy writing!


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