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 Dear Yuletide Author,

firstly, thank you for volunteering to write a story in one of our shared fandoms! Below are some details that will hopefully help you along. Don't feel too constricted by them, though - they're more like suggestions anyway.

Some general likes and dislikes to start with. I like humour and angst, fluff and darkfic; I like gen, het, slash and femslash just about equally, and all ratings are fine with me. My only major squicks are watersports/scat and bestiality. Deathfic doesn't bother me. Now onto the prompts!

Request 1: Cadfael Chronicles - Ellis Peters
Aline Siward, Brother Cadfael, Hugh Beringar

I love the unlikely friendship between Cadfael and Hugh, and I'd love a to see more of it, whether they solve cases together, deal with the politics of the day, or just sit down with some homemade wine and relax. But I'd also like to see Cadfael and Aline working together - perhaps Hugh goes missing and Aline must help Cadfael find him?

I love the Cadfael books for their optimism and... is kindness the right word here? They have this sunny feel to them that I really enjoy. I'd love a story with the same kind of hopeful feel to it.

Request 2: Zorro (TV 1990)
Diego de la Vega (Zorro (TV 1990)), Ignacio de Soto (Zorro (TV 1990))

I would really like a story in which Diego/Zorro and the alcalde have to work together for some reason. Maybe there's a new - or old - enemy in town, and Zorro needs a little help from the soldiers. Maybe Diego-as-Diego has to solve a criminal case, without letting de Soto know who he really is. Maybe Mendoza is kidnapped (...for some reason...) and they are both looking for him. Maybe they get lost in the wilderness somehow, and have to make their way back to Los Angeles together. Whatever the reason, I really like it when enemies have to work together, whether they remain enemies or reach some sort of understanding afterwards.

I love the light, comic atmosphere of the show and I'd enjoy a story with the same positive feel to it. That said, I also wouldn't mind angst, or even tragedy, if that's where the story takes you. :) Also, I'd never say no to some background Diego/Victoria, especially with Diego as himself, and not as Zorro. 

Request 3: Rudolf - Wildhorn/Murphy/Huang/Knighton

Since the musical itself doesn't stick to history that much, I figured I'd go wild with my request. How about an AU where the woman at the theatre shoots the Emperor instead of herself? What happens then? How does Rudolf adjust to being the Emperor rather than the rebellious heir? Does he end his marriage to Stéphanie, or do they try to stick together through those troubled times, maybe find some common ground? How does Taaffe react? If that AU doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps a story set after the end of the play? How does everyone react to Rudolf's death? Or anything else you come up with, really!

I just wanted to add that I'd be delighted by pretty much anything in this fandom, so if you're not inspired by the prompts above, feel free to go with whatever idea and characters catch your fancy! I'm mostly familiar with the Austrian production, if that makes any difference.

Request 4: 14th Century CE RPF
Jogaila of Lithuania, Vytautas of Lithuania, Jadwiga of Poland

There's so many things I love about this period and characters that I can't even begin to mention them all, but the highlights are: the struggle between Paganism and Christianity; cousins who were sometimes best friends, sometimes worst enemies; betrayals, mysterious deaths, imprisonment and daring escapes (by way of crossdressing, in at least one case); and a teenage girl-king trying to get out of an unwanted marriage by hacking at the castle gates with an axe. Seriously, there's much to love, and any story you come up with will make me very happy indeed!

In case you'd like me to rec some available sources, wikipedia has a decent summary of the conflicts between Jogaila and Vytautas (Lithuanian Civil War (1381–84) - Lithuanian Civil War (1389–92)) as well as biographies of the main players (Jogaila - Vytautas - Jadwiga of Poland). For books, William Urban has published several works about Lithuania during the northern crusades. I especially recommend the first chapter of "Tannenberg and After", available from the author's website here. Unfortunately, some names are misspelled (coding issue?), but it's still fairly good reading, and it covers the last two decades of the 14th century pretty well. Lituanus.org also has some articles about this time period. I recommend this short biography of Jogaila and the following two about Lithuania's conversion to Christianity: THE MEANING OF 1387 and THE CONVERSION OF LITHUANIA 1387. Finally, Charlotte Kellog's "Jadwiga, Queen of Poland" is the only English-language biography of Jadwiga I could find online. I'm linking it more as a curiosity, as it's both half-fictionalised and entirely dated. Still, worth some time if you like old-fashioned historical writing. :)


Request 5: A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee Picchi
Miss Holst (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs), Miss Mori (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs)

This story is a delight, but it left me wanting more. Does Miss Holst ever meet Miss Mori again, and do they reconcile? Miss Holst seems to regret not following Miss Mori when she had the opportunity - is she looking for a second chance now? How is Miss Mori adjusting to life among the mermaids? Is she missing Miss Holst? 

I would really like to see those two reconciled - I interpreted their relationship as romantic (or maybe would-be-romantic-if-not-for-Miss-Holst's-hangups), so femslash would be preferred, but I wouldn't say no to friendship either. I just want them to meet again, whether they stay together or part ways afterwards.

Request 6: Omar Rayyan - Works
Contessa with Squid (Artwork)

The Contessa is my favourite here. I have so many questions about her - is she a ruler, a political player, a socialite, a learned patron of the arts? Does she live in a land of others like her, and was she born there, or is she a newcomer? Or does she live among more mundane humans? What do they think of her, and she of them? 

I'm in love with Omar Rayyan's works. They portray a world where the commonplace and the otherworldly mix together in a fascinating way, and I'd love a story that dealt with this via some kind of fish out of water scenario. I'd be happy with any POV on this - it might be the Contessa, or her serving maid, a foreign ambassador, one of her enemies... anything at all!

Alright, I guess that's all. Thank you again, Yuletide Author, and happy writing!
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